“To Those Who Speak To Trees” NewBorder
Forthcoming “In This Desert” Bellingham Review
“Sweet in The Bitter” “Peeled Fruit” Orangelandia Anthology
“Some Boys” Raven Chronicles
“Mouthed Memory” Pilgrimage Magazine
“Guilt,” “Evidence” “Sometimes” Literary Orphans
“Open The Door: Eye Witness,” “The First 48,” “Dear Brain Bullet” Grist
“What Bullet Teaches,” “Those Who Dream of The Dead,” “Sister Brother Ghost,” “Bone Map” “Sun Receding Into Earth” Malpais Review
“Where Cement Splits” Bluestem
“Piñon Man,” “Continent of Desire” Agave
“An Unknown,” “A Translation of Loss” Huizache
“Brother And I: Two Ghost Fish” Kweli
“Suddenly It Comes And” Cura
“Where Bullet Breaks,” “Flight,” “One Year Memorial” Hobart
“For Those Who Sew Sorrow” Labletter
“What Body Can Bear”Toe Good Poetry
“A New Language” Indian Country Today (previously published )
“Lake Days” Indian Country Today
“Biological” and “To My Brother In The Spirit World” Más Tequila Review
“A New Language” Catamaran Literary Reader
“In The Darkest Of Deserts” California Journal Of Women Writers
“Desert Deep” The McNeese Review
“Your Name: A Diamond” Weber–The Contemporary West 2012
“Eclipse: Albuquerque 2012” Orange Monkey Publishing
“To My Brother” Hamilton Stone Review
“Midnight Memorial” San Pedro Review
“The Wreckage” 200 New Mexico Poems
“What Remains” Sakura
“Remember This” and “Brain Bullet” Caesura
“Porch: Investigation” Acentos Review Feb. 2012


“Where She Was Once From” Packinghouse Review
“What Haunts The Endless White Sky” Flyway
“Minutes Away From The Happiest Place On Earth” Potomac Review
“Proper Maintenance of A Ghost” As/Us
“Never Let a Man Hit You” As/Us
“Where There Is A Hunger” California Journal Of Women Writers
“What Can Be Harvested” Unmanned Press
“Between Dust And City” High Desert Journal, 14
“When Later Sounds Like Love” The Tower


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